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What is RESS?

RESS stands for the Ryerson Engineering Student Society. We represent all the disciplines of engineering offered at Ryerson (Aero, Mech, Civil, Biomed, Elec, Comp, Indy, and Chem) and hold great events like Frosh Week. You can find out more about us at  ryeng.ca

What is Frosh Week?

Frosh Week is a week of events geared to get you ready for your first year at Ryerson and help you have a little fun in doing so. It’s a great way to get to know some of the people in your program and a chance to learn more about what your school offers. Check out the actual events for a better idea of what goes down. Oh yeah, all our events are free as well as awesome.

I don’t often leave my parent’s basement. Why should I come out to frolic with strangers and keeners?

This is quite simply the most fun you will have all year. You will get to know the people you will being attending class with and get to pick the brains of current students who were picked to be frosh leaders due to their enthusiasm. Not everyone there is over the top, so more reserved students won’t be alone. You won’t be forced into any of the games or activities, but we are pretty sure once you see how much fun they are that you’ll want to.

You’ll be shown around campus and get to explore the city a little bit.  You’ll get to learn about what Ryerson Engineering students do in their (super scarce) free time, and about what clubs and groups you can get involved in.

It’s important to remember that although engineering is a very work intensive field of study that a great deal of the work is group work, and it really pays to get to know your peers and where to look for help when you need it.

Why should I attend your Frosh Week and not another faculty’s, or even RSUs?

First off, our events are geared towards engineering specifically, so they will be much more useful to you. Secondly, engineers know how to have a good time. Thirdly, artsies suck.

So, where do I find you guys?

First off, you need to get to Ryerson itself. If you are living on campus, you’ve just fought half the battle! If you’re taking the TTC, you’ll need to get off at Dundas station. On the GO, you should get off at Union and either walk to campus or take the TTC to Dundas station. Once you are in the area you can use this handy dandy map:

On the first day, you’ll want to take the red route, as it will take you to the ENG building where you will be subject to a greeting from the Dean and other important people. We’ll gather you as you leave and begin with THE FUN.

On subsequent days, you’ll want to take the purple route, which will take you to the Quad, a grassy enclave formed by Kerr Hall. We will be meeting there daily and will be easy to spot in our coveralls and hardhats.

Don’t worry about getting lost on Yonge, despite all the lights and *cough* glamour . There is a lot of construction going on right now, so Gould is clearly marked by two empty lots on either side. Also, it’s closed to cars (for the most part).

Also important to note is that Google’s information is about 200 years old at this point and many of the buildings are mislabeled. There are many handy campus maps on corners around campus that can point you in the right direction.

What do I need to bring?

This is just a quick list, you’ll figure out more as the week progresses:

  • ID to pick up OneCard (Ryerson Student Card), etc.
  • Money – for Frosh Kit.  All events are ~*~*free*~*~ and we’ll be feeding you a lot, but it’s always handy to have a bit for emergencies/snack attacks.
  • Comfy shoes. There will be a parade. And games. And walking on grass in high heels is never graceful.
  • A change of clothes you don’t care too much about for Tuesday.
  • Beach gear, also for Tuesday.
  • Things you need to survive being outside. (eg: sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles, summer clothes)

What in tarnation is a Frosh Kit?

Check out the frosh kit section for more information. They are a great value for what you get, and help you stand out from all the other first years that will be on campus. Plus, you get a hardhat. How cool is that? Everyone wants one. And chemmies, you’ll need one in 4th year for your Unit Ops lab!

What is purpling? (I want that purple stuff)

I’ll let Wasabi answer this for you:

Why yes, that man is laying in a bathtub of purple dye surrounded by onlookers. Purpling is a tradition that lets us really stand out from the other faculty.

Is it safe?
We wouldn’t do it year after year if it was dangerous.
What should I wear to the purpling?
Most dudes wear boxers, while most women wear shorts or briefs and a bra. Fair warning: The clothes will never not be purple, and you probably shouldn’t wash it with anything else you don’t want purple.
The hospital pants and tshirt that come in the Frosh Kit are great to wear for the rest of the day because the purple stains just makes them look better.
What if I am concerned about modesty?
The main reason people wear so little is because it sucks to be standing around in soaking wet clothes.  It’s not unusual to see someone in a full t-shirt and shorts, so don’t let modesty get in the way of the fun. You can just go dry off in the bathroom after.
Do I have to do my whole body?
All the cool kids do! However, some people aren’t able to because of work or concern about parental reaction, so they dip in their hands or maybe put a hand print on their face.  This way you still get in on the tradition.
Does it come off?
Some of us have gotten it off same-day because we needed to go to work or something. If you only do one dip you should be able to scour yourself clean in one or two days, although the goal is to make it last as long as possible.
Will I ruin my bed sheets?
You say ruin, I say enhance.  You probably don’t want to sleep on your 9000 count white Egyptian sheets.

I cant’/don’t/won’t drink alcohol.

Neither do we! At least, not during the Frosh events. The only official event where alcohol is served is the Nooner, and it occurs in our all ages campus pub which is very strict about carding patrons. Don’t even think of passing a fake ID or buying for the underaged – it can have consequences with regards to your academic future.

Is Godiva the only song you sing?

Nope! We have songs and chants we will be teaching you as the week goes on. Check out the Godiva section to get a head start on learning the songs we’ll be singing throughout the week.

What’s with the hard hats?

They keep us safe! They are the envy of the rest of the school! People will try to steal yours, so make sure it’s secure!Hard hats also make us easy to identify with this handy-dandy colour code someone came up with years ago:

Yellow Hardhats belong to first years

Black Hardhats belong to Frosh leaders. You’ll need to earn them along with your covies.

Red Hardhats belong to Discipline Directors. They represent the students in their particular discipline to R.E.S.S

White Hardhats belong to the Vice Presidents.

The *GOLD* Hardhat belongs to our President

Blue Hardhats belong to the Ram Guards, who fearlessly guard our mascot, the RAM.

Cowboy Hardhats belong to our party rockin’ Frosh Chairs.

What are Covies?

Simply put, they are cover-alls. You need to earn them. We’ll tell you more about what they mean during the week, but for now enjoy this lovely montage

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