Welcome to ESSCO PM 2012!

Your planning committee has been hard at work making sure you have an enjoyable conference with lots of time for learning and sharing ideas. We are proud to welcome you to our city and our campus and hope you enjoy your time here. ESSCO PM is a great opportunity for you all to begin working with your new executive and get some productive best practice sharing. We made sure we could accommodate lots of session time so you can get the most out of this conference.
We are lucky to have such nearby venues in Toronto, and were able to eliminate all transportation. This means that when you are walking between venues you can have some more enjoyment of Toronto’s culture and more flexibility!
We would like to thank the ESSCO executive for helping us out with their input and the sponsors who made this event possible. We hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any feedback, be sure to let us know at the end of the conference! Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or need assistance.

Jolene Funk
ESSCO PM Chair 2012


ESSCO President Message

Hello Engineering Executives,
I am excited to welcome all of you to the 2012 edition of the meeting of the ESSCO president. Building on last year’s successful idea of inviting the entire executive team of each of our member schools, we hope to facilitate some amazing information sharing this weekend. The purpose of this particular conference is to share, create and work on ideas that will allow you to run a better Engineering Society at your own school. Conferences are fun, but I would like to remind you all that this is a working weekend that will hopefully spark some amazing conversations and relationships that will eventually lead to some new services or events at your school.



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