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Black History Awareness Presents: Teaching with Wanda Robson

March 5th, 2011

Engineers: I know it’s late notice, but the office of Discrimination and Harrasment Prevention has invited us to attend the following event!

On behalf of the Ryerson Black History Awareness Committee, we invite you to join us on Monday, March 7th, from 3-4pm in POD 250, for a rare chance to sit in on a teaching by the late Viola Desmond’s sister, Wanda Robson!

She will be providing us with a first hand perspective of Viola Desmond’s experience on November 8th, 1946, and the amazing steps Viola unwittingly took that changed the face of civil rights activism in Canada.

She will be discussing why Black History is so important for everyone to learn and why she continues to teach high school students in Nova Scotia about her sister’s story.

The event is free, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend!

It is a perfect preamble to the 3rd Annual Viola Desmond Day Awards Ceremony happening later that night at 5pm in the Snack Stop (2nd floor, Ryerson cafeteria)

Location: POD 250
Time: 3-4pm
Date: March 7th, 2011
Cost: Free
Who can attend: Anyone who finds interest in the activity

We hope to have you come out for an intimate and fun teaching with Wanda Robson.